Thursday, October 22, 2009

Missionaries Beware

After much contemplation on how I could do better to serve more, the RS sent around the sign up to have the missionaries over for dinner. Because I am in YW most of the time I signed up for several months in advance. The last two times they came over there were some  "issues". I made homemade pesto and lemon chicken. Might I add that it was amazing if I do say so myself. I did happen to notice one elder did not seem so fond of it, so I decided the next time they came I would do homemade pizza. (I mean c'mon, who doesn't love pizza). I was tried to bite my tongue from releasing scathing comments about the ungrateful elder that meticulously picked off all the little toppings he did not like. Although, I do secretely wish he had been sent to Japan just so he would have to learn to love something other than meat and potatoes. This month, I would not be defeated! Joe knew I had signed up for a night when I would not be home until 7 PM. He said he would cook. He went and asked the elder what was their utmost desire for dinner. The response: Meat and Potatoes. So Joe, being Joe, cooked the most lovely pork tenderloin with garlic mashed potatoes, a honey dijion gravy, and carrot and zucchini spears. 7:30 was the set appointment. 8:00PM rolls around...then 8:30. Finally we sit down to our table set for four...9:00PM we clear the dishes and still no word. (Joe had talked to them the day before, mind you) By 9:30 we get some weasley call that they got  "caught up" in things and did not call. Yup- You did not call. Because it would have been a real inconvenience to take 2 mins to tell us you were not going to be coming. I was so ready to lay a Bednar smack down on the inconsiderate missionaries. See if they get my refferals! 


Anonymous said...

Hey it's Vince. This seems to be an epidemic in this mission. 2 out of the last 3 times we have were scheduled to have them over the same has happened to us. It happened so many times in our ward with other families that I had to speak with President Anderson about it... Needless to say, it has gotten better.

Chad and Annie said...

Hey little Katie, I had to laugh hysterically at your post. A few months ago the elders were coming over and I made a great meal. The elders called right when they were supposed to be there and said they weren't coming. They didn't even have an excuse other than that they didn't plan their time well on p day. I was so perturbed, I had all this food, spent all day, etc etc. So we had to have Jess come over and help us eat the food. I have since taken a hiatus from feeding the elders for a few months. Sorry it happened to you, but really your story was quite funny. Love you!

Melissa said...

Man that would tick me right off! Some people. Geesh.

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