Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dear Baby,

I have to admit, being pregnant has introduced me to a whole new world of blogs. Baby Blogs. I love to read my regular blogs (the usual design blogs, Cup of Jo and stalking many others). In many ways it is a relief from reading graduate level texts, students' mediocre Italian, and focusing on all the other stress that comes with life. Adding baby blogs to the list only gives me more excuses to escape other responsibilities I should be doing. I happened upon Dear Baby, which I have thoroughly enjoyed as it is created by quite possibly the cutest pregnant lady ever (which also makes me kind of want to hate her, but alas, she is too darling). Not only has she given me more fashion inspiration than hours of searching various clothing websites, but I love the whole premise of the blog. She writes letters to her baby. It is such a sweet and clever idea. Sweet and Clever enough that I am going to steal it.  So... Here goes:

I swear pictures do not capture what I really look like. I feel about 3 times this huge. This is the best I could capture for today.

(16 weeks)
Dear baby,
These past few weeks have been exciting.  I have been reading as much as I can to prepare myself for you. I read that you are now calmed by my voice. I told your Dad this. He automatically got jealous and has been yelling at my belly ever since (Think Phil Dunphy) "Baby! Baby!  It is your Daddy! I am your favorite parent!" In this second trimester, I am starting to feel more energized. Running is getting harder. You bounce around on my bladder and it makes it hard to run for very long until I can't take it any longer. I keep getting leg cramps and Charlie Horses in the middle of the night. I woke up this morning, and tried to do some yoga, because I thought that might be a nice change for my legs. Turns out any muscles, balance, and control I once may have had is completely gone. I feel like I am going back into my pubescent phase of life where I was constantly twisting my ankles. I have had completely tripped once, and twisted both my ankles at least twice, to the point of swelling, during 4 months of pregnancy. I cannot even imagine when I have a large belly to throw me off balance.
Speaking of large bellies, I am growing.  This week I feel like I am starting to legitimately look pregnant. One of my students was gone for a few days, and when she came back to school she said " WHOA! Look at your belly!" You are definitely starting to get noticed. I am anxious to know if I can call you a girl or a boy. Dad keeps calling you she. I keep calling you he. 4 more weeks until we find out. The doctor tells me you are active. I have not felt you move yet, but she thought that was surprising, considering you are constantly doing monkey flips in my belly. I am sure you will give me a run for my money.
I love you already and have honestly enjoyed being pregnant. I hope all of my pregnancies are this good. Until next week.
Mamma Tua!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Joe and I have spent the last four days in Seattle and Victoria. It has been absolutely lovely. We were told by several people that it was the first  3 days of sun they have had all year. We went to the Butchart Gardens in Victoria. Looking down into the sunken garden made me realize what a beautiful metaphor spring is of Easter. All the new life made me overwhelmingly grateful for a Savior who lived, died and rose again for me. All the new life in the gardens was a simple reminder of this infinite truth. May your Easter Sunday be filled with peace, gratitude, and the meaning of the Resurrection of our Savior.
A busy Saturday at the Butchart Gardens

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Have you been watching American Idol?  We would never be able to watch it if it weren't for the fact that the owners of the house we are now in wanted us to keep their cable, and they had DVRd the whole season. Well, we have caught ourselves up, and I have to say this might be my favorite season ever. I love them all. But when Joe watched Hailey Reinhart's version of Benny and the Jets for the  5th time on repeat, I came to the conclusion that he has a serious crush on her. How could you not?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

You might be certifiably crazy if...

  • You were in near tears when BYU lost to UNM (both times).
  • You were convinced your students were lying to you when you couldn't remember telling them something. ( They were pretty convincing. After all every single one of them told me I was wrong)
  • You cannot help but find yourself insatiably staring at Spaghettios in the grocery store. So you buy them. Devour them. End of story.
  • You cannot remember where you live.
  • Your husband looks at you patiently when you know you are being totally irrational, but it really does feel like the end of the world if you don't get things done.
  • High schooler's antics that once seemed amusing, now just seem obnoxious.
  • What is my name again?
  • Eggs, that once were something you could eat with anything, now make you want to vomit.
  • Watching the Biggest Loser used to leave you in tears, and now it's a flat out embarrassment of emotion.
  • Did I mention Spaghettios? Processed meat with no shelf life- How nasty is that?
All right so I am certifiably crazy. Or 13 weeks Pregnant!

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