Sunday, October 25, 2009


Joe and I went up to Santa Fe where it all began (6 years ago) for our one year anniversary. It was beautiful. We hit it right at the peak of fall. It has been the best year yet and we suspect it will only get better!


Julie Anne said...

That is a great picture! Love the sun shining through. Happy Anniversary!

Sad, I don't even recall how you guys met. (we need some serious catch up!!!) Where are you guys living?

Chad and Annie said...

Happy anniversary you two. Katie, don't you know that on your anniversary your are supposed to post a picture of both of you, even though I do love the one of Joe by himself =). I can't believe you have already been married a year, time flies. I am glad you guys got to go to Santa Fe. Hope you are doing great, we need to get together soon. Love you!

Stace-Ghost said...

Happy Anniversary!

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