Friday, October 16, 2009

Meet Molly. Meet DJ.

They are in love. They are adorable. They will be married November 21st. We are so happy for you both. DJ, you done good. Molly, you can totally plan a wedding in a month. Thanks for letting us be there the night of the engagement. Here's to marriage.


MegRich said...

I don't even know these people and I love them already. I'd like to be their friends. They look so good together and they both look "incandescently happy." Congrats my unknown friends!
P.S.- as I made my pumpkin crumb cake I was really wishing I had your recipe for that pumpkin goodness- did we call it pumpkin crunch? Can I get it from you? Missin' you lots!

Molly said...

thanks Katie for the beautiful little tribute! i'm so glad that you were able to be there that night. and i do have a lot ahead of me, but things are already falling into place so well. i love you and i really think the world of you and joe, youre marriage is a shining example to deej and i.

also thanks Meg Rich! we can totally be friends!that was really sweet of you


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