Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"I ain't missin you at all"

Monday morning the family all got together for breakfast as Spencer's last goodbye. When we gave our final hugs "I ain't missin you" was playing in the restaurant. Though this may be true for Spencer, (He is so ready to get out of here and be a missionary already) it was painfully untrue for me. I love my baby brother, and have loved living here the past 3 years to be closer to him. He will be a wonderful leader and beacon of truth. Good Luck in Anaheim baby Bro!

One Happy Little Missionary

Friday, May 27, 2011

E' un Maschietto!

Snakes and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails... It's a Boy! This is how I announced it to my family:

I never said I was a cake decorator.

But at least it tasted good.

Half way there, and I couldn't be happier:

20 Weeks

Dear Baby Boy,
What an eventful couple of weeks it has been. I feel like I know you now better than ever. Not just because I got to see your cute little face. And it is pretty cute if I do say so myself.  But for so many other reasons. You are becoming a more and more of a real person to me. I felt  you move for the very first time about 2 weeks ago. There was no mistaking it. I was sitting in church and there was a big powerful kick I felt deep in my lower abdomen. I kept telling your Dad that I felt like you were breech and that your head was almost near my left ribs. It turns out I was right. Dad says you are already trying to get out of church, but I like to think it was because you were enjoying it. Ever since then I feel you move all over, especially when I eat something sweet. One day I was heading out the door and threw on some skinny jeans thinking that I could wear them just fine with a belly band. I put them on standing up and had no problems. When I got in the car to drive where I was going, you went crazy. I don't think I had felt such aggressive kicks. It was almost as if you were saying "too tight! Get me outta here."  As soon as I unloosened the waist you were as content as can be.
During the ultrasound this week you would not move your little hand. You like to have it curled up by your cheek. The ultrasound tech shook my belly like she was giving it some sort of shiatsu massage, but that made you move even less. She wanted to get a good picture of your face, but you would have none of it. Your dad was proud. He said he likes that you are already a little stubborn. We are both so excited for a boy. I keep trying to convince your daddy that if we give you the middle name of Jimmer that you will be destined for basketball stardom, but he will have none of it because "#1- Jimmer is a weird name anyway, #2 I will NEVER name my child after a BYU player." So I guess that is the end of that.  In any case, I am sure you will be a great athlete. Every time I go running, I always think about how great it feels(once I get past the first mile of you bouncing on my bladder) and that you must be a little runner too.
I have thought a lot about influential men in my life and how sweet they can be. I am sure you will follow in their footsteps. I thought about stories that my grandma has told me about my dad as a little boy. She said he was always very tender, and always wanted to help her.  Once when she was sick she said he was trying to do anything he could think of to help her out. He would bring her his blankie, and wrap her up and try to make it feel better. I love that sweet little story. Your dad is just the same way. He will do anything for me to show me he loves me, and he is always so good at taking care of me. I know will inherit these wonderful qualities along with many others from the wonderful men in your life.
Keep growing my little one. I am doing my part (though the doctor told me I need to eat more and gain more weight) and you seem bigger an more rambunctious every day. Ti amo tesoro!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Seattle and Victoria 2011

Have you ever heard of a babymoon? Joe has. In the time before the craziness of his OB/ GYN rotation started, he had the chance to watch a few "Pregnant in Heels" episodes. In one of them, it was recommended that the couple go on a "Babymoon" to help them bond before the baby came around. I guess you could call this trip a babymoon for us, but it was more just an excuse to get away. I had been wanting to take Joe to Victoria, BC for a while now, and we finally did it. He and I both said "that will be our last big trip," and then we remembered that we said that about Hawaii and Chicago, and then I went to Paris on my own for school. I guess what it all boils down to is that we know our lives are about to dramatically change, but we also love to travel so much, we are going to have to find a way to get away, even if it means day trips to Taos, Angel Fire or Santa Fe. We will find a way, I am sure of it.

We took off on the Wed night before Easter. Seattle was as beautiful and sunny as ever. We spent our first day doing what we do best: Exploring, and pricing out apartments. Call us weird, but we love to see how much the cost of living is in different cities. Probably because we know that our lives may send us to one of these cities before too long when residency happens. While walking we found the most wonderful french bistro for brunch. Toulouse Petit was full of life, hopping with people and the cutest west coast waitresses ever.
Joe outside the restaurant in a cute little area of town.

We continued exploring the city. Of course we hit Pike's Market.

I wish I had a Farmer's Market closer to our house.

Love those tulips.

We took the Clipper Boat to Victoria the next day. We were sure to live like real royalty while we were there. We were sure to have High Tea, stay at the Empress Hotel, enjoy walking around the city, eating really good food, and of course we hit up the Butchart Gardens.
At the Parliament Bulding
 So Joe would never admit it, but he love High Tea almost as much as I did. We had a table right by a window that had a view of the whole bay.
 In front of our hotel. One of the few pictures of both of us. Those are hard to come by when it is just the two of you traveling.
Walking through Victoria. Joe quickly realized how much fun it is to walk hours on end with a pregnant woman who already had a prepregnancy bladder the size of a pea. I got really used to shamelessly asking what I was the cheapest thing I had to buy in order to use the facilities.
 I seriously believe that this place is the Garden of Eden. It was so beautiful, and such great weather.
We headed back to Seattle on Saturday, shopped and ate some more, and then we were off. It was a much needed break for both of us. Babymoon? Perhaps, but all in all, just a great vacation.

Week 18

18 weeks. Maybe someday I won't post a ghetto Photobooth shot.

Dear Baby,

These past few weeks have been very crazy. I have had the stress of my own finals on top of finding out one of my students will not be traveling with us this summer which means I have to pay for a trip to Italy I was not planning on. I have had car trouble. I had the promise of someone we could hire to take my job and then she backed out. Enough complaining. I just think all of the stress and lack of sleep has made you seem uncomfortable, and by you I mean me too. I can feel you strongly on my left side. Who knows if that is you, or all the other organs. My stomach almost feels lopsided.
I am not certain if I have felt you move yet, because I do not know what to expect. A lot of people say it is like a butterfly or even a gas bubble, and if that is the case I would like to tell them, "then how the heck can you be certain?" I guess as you grow, I will know for myself.
I feel like I have hit a real growth spurt. A complete stranger asked me if I was pregnant, so that must mean there is no hiding it anymore. I still fit into all my clothes, but have to say that any pair of skinny pants I own has gotten their own treatment of a hair tie/ rubber band so that I don't have to button them. They are way more comfortable that way.
I have had a few dreams of you lately. You are always a boy in them. Joe still thinks you are a girl. I have students who are putting money down on your gender. One of the girls I teach said "your baby just has to be a girl, because you are so girly and you need a baby girl to dress up." Boy or girl, I cannot wait to find out. For someone. like me, who loves to plan, this sure is has been killing me. 2 more weeks until we find out. As soon as I know, you can be sure I will be scouring websites to plan for the nursery, and finding cute things I can put you in.
This week was Mother's Day, and I felt so overwhelmed with the amazing Mother I have. She has taught me so much about true love.  She will love you so much. Your other grandma is also an amazing woman, and will be a great blessing. She is so wonderful.
I am sure you will make an appearance before we know it, but for now, I will wait anxiously. I love you so much already!
Mamma Tua

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