Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rodeo 2009

Joe and I had a really great weekend up in Farmington. We are getting used to the charming small town that it is. It has provided us with all sorts of opportunities, like going to the RODEO. Joe had never been. As we were sitting in the stands trying to figure out the rules, the woman in front of us turns around, and in a thick accent says "Where y'all from?" When we found out she was from NM herself I had to wonder about the accent, but apparently no matter where you are from, if it is a small town, you talk like that. Joe explained, "I am just figuring this all out. This is my first Rodeo..." She quickly responded "You've never been to a Rodeo!!? We joke about people like you."

It has kept us laughing all weekend.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Preist Gulch, Telluride 2009

This was one beautiful trip. We enjoyed nature's beauty, shopping, blitz and various other games, laughing with each other and laughing at each other, Hiking our hearts out, golfing our hearts out and just being with family. Here are some highlights:

The Group in Telluride

Joe contemplating something on the gondola into Telluride

Us on our hike that led to practically rolling down the mountain to find the way home

When I choose the music...

When Joe makes me listen to Willie Nelson...

Friday, July 3, 2009


Finally after the treacherous school year, Joe and I have been been able to have sometime to enjoy being together. Joe's first real day off, he wanted to spend with his niece and nephews. So that is what we did. We took them all to the zoo.

They were so cute, and so good for us.

Joe, Matthew and Olivia are acting like the Monkeys.

Carter looking at the Polar Bears.(My favorite)

Joe showed off his parenting skills. Don't let Matthew jump in!

We ate lunch in the park, and made a royal mess. Note to self, red popsicles sound fun but are nothing but stains on everything.

Olivia took a picture of Joe and I. Another note to self: A five year olds angle is anything but flattering.

At the end of the day the heat had gotten to us. The kids ran through the fountains, and then we took them for ice cream. It was a great day!

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