Friday, March 20, 2009

Some are given gifts....

For being very dedicated, and adorable bloggers. I on the other hand am one of do I put this gently? Blog Stalkers. I love to read all my friends blogs. I love to see their pictures, and to watch their children grow. I think I open my own blog more often to click on a link to whomever has recently updated their blog. Don't think you are safe. I read everyone's. In fact, this evening, I decided to join my sweet husband as he burns the midnight oil studying. Truth be told, he wanted to take a break from studying to go to dinner, and I did not want to drop him off at school just to turn back around an hour or two later and come get him, so I came over here but forgot something very important. My book. So with nothing to read and no laptop, he kindly offered his. I thought, "great! I will get started on the project proposal that I have been neglecting for school." That idea lasted about 2 mins before I got too distracted blog stalking.
Now, allow me to explain my deterrents to the lack of contribution to this wonderful hobby. #1- I lost my camera! Yes Joe does have 2 really nice cameras, but I seem to use that as my excuse for this and facebook. #2- Our lives are strangely busy but monotonous all at the same time. Who really wants to hear stories that a high school teacher has to tell anyway? #3 We don't have kids. Blogging become a much more meaningful duty in life when it is documenting your own children. I guess until then, I will have to find something cute to take pictures of.
So I guess that is all I've got. But, if anyone at all reads this blog, I will have it be known, that we are going to Italy this week, and I cannot wait. I am trying not to be too excited around Joe so that he can stay focused, but really, how's a girl to do that when she can barely stand it? Anyway, my point being, that there will be tons of pictures to behold, and I am sure many stories to go along with it. TO BE CONTINUED...

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