Sunday, January 24, 2010

A little getaway

Joe and I were able to take a little getaway this past weekend to visit Mir and Jarod in Arizona. It was a nice chance to eat, laugh hysterically, enjoy the sun, play redneck life, eat good food, go shopping, see the girls in all their glory, watch Miriam cook,  scour IKEA,  go out to eat, stay in to eat, and catch up with some of my dearest friends. 

Alice has been so fun to watch grow!

We got to hit the festival of the new oil. Quite the treat.

Ellie liked the gelato the best.

Miriam and I got our eyebrows waxed... Hence the red forheads

Joe tried In and Out for the first time.

I even had some time to see these two lovely ladies and their adorable and ever growing families. It was too much fun to reminisce and giggle incessantly.


Monday, January 11, 2010

Tid Bits

After the holiday hiatus, I figured I would get back to blogging. Here are some of the things we did over the break. We spent a lot of time with friends and family:

We went to a lot of these(Pam & Yardane, DJ & Molly, Billy & Melissa, Sorry we missed Laura & Nathan): 

We shared good gifts. ( I bought Joe a purple sweater and later found out that his mom also got his 2 younger brothers purple sweaters. Must be our impeccable fashion sense):


We went to a sold out Lobo game. (Yes I cheered for the Lobos. I do not think Joe has ever loved me so much):

 We even did a little bit of this:(and boy was it fun!)

Too bad it couldn't last forever. 

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