Thursday, January 26, 2012

Shab or mom cut?

After having my long drab hair pulled on and spit up in daily, I decided it was time to chop it. Besides, I hit that magical 3 month mark where it was falling out in chunks. After much debate (just check my pinterest) on how short to go, I decided I would be super hip and do a "shab," which is the new shaggy bob. I chopped 10 inches and was feeling hot to trot until I went to church and a woman told me "ah. You have the mom cut!" So I may not be as hip as I thought,  but  I guess it is official now. I have arrived at motherhood.
Benny makes everyone look cuter.


Kristi said...

I LOVE it!

The Tenneys said...

I think it is cute! I just cut my hair to my shoulders over New Years...I also did not like my hair getting pulled and never being done. Now I just dry it and it is done. :)

Miriam@BeBookBound said...

hahahaha That is the worst statement EVER!!! But I love the cut. I actually was thinking about one similar recently, but I always have to remind myself of how I cry when I cut my hair, and then I stop that desire in it's tracks. You, however, don't cry irrationally when you cut your hair, and you look awesome. So take that "Mom cut" lady.

christan said...

Not a mom cut.

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