Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas 2011

This year came and went as if it never happened. Joe was so anxious to have 2 weeks off after working 80 work weeks for nearly 6 months with no break, that we were both sorely disappointed when he got sick. It was only a matter of days that Benny picked it up too despite our best efforts of lysol-ing every last inch of the house, washing our hands like crazy and even keeping his dad from holding him. We are just now getting his sleep schedule back to be somewhat bearable. C'est la vie!
Even with the damper of two sick boys, we were able to enjoy some of our favorite Christmas traditions with friends and family. We also have started a few of our own, which has been fun. Some of the highlights of the season:
The Dahls caroling at the old folks home. One of my favorite traditions.

Driving to Uncle Steve and Aunt Diane's on the 24th. The Albuquerque area got a ton of snow this year.

At Steve and Diane's. Benny doing the usual frightened face.

This season has made me fear for Benny's future. Here he is with Grandpa glued to the TV watching football. I have never seen a baby cry every time a commercial break happens and then calm down immediately when football comes back on. This kid loves his football. We taught him"Rise and Shout" during the BYU bowl game and he loved it. Mom watched him while Joe and I went to a UNM basketball game on New Year's eve. She taught him "Everyone's a lobo!" We just might be raising the biggest sports fan ever.

French Dinner on Christmas Eve at the Dahls. Another one of my favorite nights. Apparently this is not one of Benny's favorites.

Christmas day with the Bergstens. They spoil us like crazy.

Bella and Emily at the Bergstens. Bella did not feel the need to wear her dress, but she did want to wear her pearls and tights.  

We were able to enjoy the traditions in spite of sickness. My favorite memories were the service we did this year. There is nothing that brings more joy than thinking of the reason for the celebration. We are so grateful to always remember the Savior's birth and life. Our first Christmas as a family was so special as we were able to reflect often on the birth of our own son and be that much more grateful for the Christ child. This will definitely be a Christmas that we will remember for years to come.


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