Friday, February 11, 2011

Gallery Wall

I have been wanting to do a gallery wall ever since I saw this one. I would have loved to do the chevron stripes she has, but seeing as how we are renting and our lease is up in the next couple of months, I will be glad I don't have to paint over them. I found some great vintage prints, mixed with some of my favorite photos and here is the finished product:

I am no Caitlin Wilson. But Hey- A girl can dream can't she?


Shea McGee said...

Love it!

Melissa said...

Caitlin's my cousin! (Well, technically my cousin-in-law, she married my cousin.) She is so talented it makes my stomach hurt. Clearly, you are too! I am very impressed with your gallery wall- excellent work!

the swapps said...

that looks so cute! i love it!!! come help me do one?

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