Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Part 3 begins

Dear Baby,
Life has been busy these days, as have you. Every time I go to visit my doctor she says "Wow! He is so active." You do flips and somersaults in my belly and I can definitely tell that you are growing because I am too. My skin is tight, a little itchy and my belly button is somewhat akin to a turkey timer, just about ready to pop.
I have been very excited but have not yet felt the anxiety that comes when I am so anxious to be done being pregnant. I am trying to enjoy every moment. I have been very blessed during this pregnancy, and you have yet to give me any trouble. I am hoping that is indicative of your sweet little personality. I know that you could turn out like your dad, and you could turn out like me, or you could be completely different from us both, but I have been thinking a lot about that lately. I wonder if you will be dramatic like your mother (or your father in his own rite). I wonder if you will have your father's wit that makes me laugh, sometimes to my chagrin. I think about how giving and tender your father is, and if you will inherit that. Will you be attracted to any large group that can hold your attention like your mama? I am anxious to find out about all your little quirks.
We have been deciding on what we should call you. I want to see your face before we decide, and so does Daddy. What if you are less of a Benny and more of a Noah? I just don't think I am ready to make that decision yet. Your Great Grandpa Haslam had a cardiac arrest 2 weeks ago and scared us all. He went into a medically induced coma. While he was out your Grandma Kristy would tell him "Katie is here with your great grandson. You need to wake up and get healthy so you can meet him this fall." When Gramps finally started to gain consciousness his memory was shot. Particularly his short term memory. He always remembered who I was, but rarely remembered that I was pregnant. Each time he would wake up I would tell him about you. Sometimes more than once in a day. Eventually he would start to remember that I was pregnant but would forget if you were a boy or a girl. Before his cardiac arrest he used to joke that I needed to name you Beauford because "a boy with that name would have to be the toughest kid in school, because he would learn real fast that if he wasn't, he would get beat up." We reminded him of this wise idea and he still gives himself a good laugh when we mention it. While we were visiting him this weekend he said "I have to know what to call this child. Let's make a deal. You don't leave this hospital until I know what to call my great grandson." He was adamant, but somehow we got away. He loves my dad's name Jeffrey. I guess we will just have to wait and see.
I have been working hard on your nursery. It has a been a long time since I have put my sewing skills to practice, and I am happy to say your room will be uniquely yours. I am sure you will have younger siblings, and that you will complain about how easy they have it, but I want you to remember that since you were the first, your mama was so excited for your arrival that she wrote you these letters, and hand made everything in your nursery. I am certain I will not be this ambitious with my future children. You are one lucky boy!
You sit deep in my belly and move around constantly. I was told that 4 kicks an hour is the average for a healthy baby. You kick me at least 10 times an hour, so I know I don't have to worry. You are already making your presence known. Last night your Dad and I stopped at Costco after we went shopping to pick up an ice cream treat. Boy did you like that. You were doing somersaults in my belly. I am sure you will be busy and active. I ran a 5K on the fourth of July (at 26 weeks)- a goal I had wanted to keep during my pregnancy. Many people seemed concerned that you must get bounced around and jostled too much, but I have a feeling that it is part of your nature to constantly be moving and shaking.
Now that I am officially in my third trimester, I am getting excited and anxious. Time presses on, and I can't wait. In three short months you will be here! I love you my baby boy.
Your Mommy


Miriam P said...

Dear baby of mine: I got off the couch once in my third trimester. It might not have been a 5k, but I am sure it took me just as much effort as Aunt Katie's run took her. That, along with eating two dozen cupcakes in a sitting, fulfilled all of my pregnancy goals. Success!


Mom :)

Oh, and Katie- you might have to use "Jeffrey" Because we were going to if ours was a boy, but I am pretty sure now that we will never ever have one of those. But I love all your names regardless.

MegRich said...

These letters are so neat. Keep doing them! Can't wait to see the little guy! :)

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