Thursday, June 2, 2011


I am in a desperate situation with this nursery. I have ordered some fabric swatches to get an idea of what I want, but it is proving a little bit difficult to do this in a nursery with purple walls that we cannot paint. Here are my choices:

These are the swatches that Joe chose to narrow it down to:

So what are your suggestions, if any, to make a purple nursery more manly? I am desperate here.


MegRich said...

LOVE all the prints! How can you narrow it down? Somehow the brown chevron fabric HAS to be incorporated. I love it! Where did you order your fabric swatches from? I think the left three fabrics from Joe's selection would make a cute quilt. Good luck narrowing it down- too many cute ones to choose from!

Kristi said...

Those are cute choices...I really like the owls and the brown. I think they would look great together. Whatever you pick, you have a hard decision ahead!

Miriam P said...

Just embrace the walls. Go floral. Go lacy. Lace is totally manly.

Okay, do the brown chevron. I Like all the left ones on pic 2.

But consider the lace. We could be trailblazers here.

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