Saturday, May 14, 2011

Week 18

18 weeks. Maybe someday I won't post a ghetto Photobooth shot.

Dear Baby,

These past few weeks have been very crazy. I have had the stress of my own finals on top of finding out one of my students will not be traveling with us this summer which means I have to pay for a trip to Italy I was not planning on. I have had car trouble. I had the promise of someone we could hire to take my job and then she backed out. Enough complaining. I just think all of the stress and lack of sleep has made you seem uncomfortable, and by you I mean me too. I can feel you strongly on my left side. Who knows if that is you, or all the other organs. My stomach almost feels lopsided.
I am not certain if I have felt you move yet, because I do not know what to expect. A lot of people say it is like a butterfly or even a gas bubble, and if that is the case I would like to tell them, "then how the heck can you be certain?" I guess as you grow, I will know for myself.
I feel like I have hit a real growth spurt. A complete stranger asked me if I was pregnant, so that must mean there is no hiding it anymore. I still fit into all my clothes, but have to say that any pair of skinny pants I own has gotten their own treatment of a hair tie/ rubber band so that I don't have to button them. They are way more comfortable that way.
I have had a few dreams of you lately. You are always a boy in them. Joe still thinks you are a girl. I have students who are putting money down on your gender. One of the girls I teach said "your baby just has to be a girl, because you are so girly and you need a baby girl to dress up." Boy or girl, I cannot wait to find out. For someone. like me, who loves to plan, this sure is has been killing me. 2 more weeks until we find out. As soon as I know, you can be sure I will be scouring websites to plan for the nursery, and finding cute things I can put you in.
This week was Mother's Day, and I felt so overwhelmed with the amazing Mother I have. She has taught me so much about true love.  She will love you so much. Your other grandma is also an amazing woman, and will be a great blessing. She is so wonderful.
I am sure you will make an appearance before we know it, but for now, I will wait anxiously. I love you so much already!
Mamma Tua


MegRich said...

I love these sweet letters Katie. What a great idea. You are going to make a wonderful mamma! A complete stranger asked you if you were pregnant?! That's a brave person! I can't even tell from your pic that you're pregnant! Sorry you're feeling uncomfortable, and I wish I could tell you that it will go away. Well, it will eventually I guess, when that little tyke of yours is born :) But it is so worth it. Can't wait for you to find out what he/she will be!

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