Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Joe and I have spent the last four days in Seattle and Victoria. It has been absolutely lovely. We were told by several people that it was the first  3 days of sun they have had all year. We went to the Butchart Gardens in Victoria. Looking down into the sunken garden made me realize what a beautiful metaphor spring is of Easter. All the new life made me overwhelmingly grateful for a Savior who lived, died and rose again for me. All the new life in the gardens was a simple reminder of this infinite truth. May your Easter Sunday be filled with peace, gratitude, and the meaning of the Resurrection of our Savior.
A busy Saturday at the Butchart Gardens


Stepheni said...

Thank-you for this post! We sang "For the Beauty of the Earth" in sacrament meeting today, and I had the exact same feeling!

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