Sunday, September 26, 2010

Chi Town

This last month has been long, busy and a difficult one for me. There has been a severe lack of blog posts because I have had nothing to talk about without a hubby around. He has been living in Champaign, Illinois for the last month taking a prep course for his board exams. This weekend I was able to go out and meet him in Chicago before he embarks on another month. The trip was short lived no doubt, but oh so well deserved!
Here are some of the highlights:
View from our hotel room by day. We were on the 34th floor.

View from our hotel room by night. Okay, not really. It is just a bad picture of me, but you get the idea.

I loved every little detail about all the architecture in this city. Joe has always loved Chicago and now it is definitely in our top 5 for residencies.

We found the most amazing antique hat shop. I could not get enough of it.

"Santa Fe, do you swear you won't forget me?

Water tower. Not much to see inside, but a gorgeous structure.

Fountain near Millennium Park

It was about 50- 60 degrees all weekend.

Millennium Park

Cancer Survivor's garden     

We also ate a lot of great food of which I did not document. Our favorite place was a spot called "Eve." Not only did we have brunch there twice and absolutely love it, but the interior was enough to make my heart pitter patter. Check it out.  The Croque Monsieur with Mapel Beschamel topped our list.
Who would have ever thought I would have loved the midwest so much? I am already counting the days until we can both go back. But mostly I am counting the days until I can just have a husband again. Sigh. Last month here we go.
Next Stop: Paris. No.  Really.


Melissa said...

Gah! I was in Chicago last weekend too!! It looks like you guys had a good time. I love the windy city.
PS- Love the Newsies reference. :)

MegRich said...

What a fun trip! Sorry your hubs has been away for so long- I can't even imagine! But it will all be worth it when he aces his boards! Are you really going to Paris??? It seems like you would fit perfectly there... oh wait... maybe that's because you know French. I just remembered that. Miss you Katie!

linds said...

Oh so fun! The midwest is great cuz it's my home! I hope you go to Chicago for a residency so that I can come visit you when I go home! I lived in Champaigne for awhile. My brother was born there. My dad went to the University of Illinois for law school there. Miss you!

Miriam D Padilla said...

I love any blog post with a reference to "Newsies." Well done. Also, after a strict review of the Eve menu, I have decided I would like to move there; Not the city so much as just the restaurant.

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