Monday, August 23, 2010

Chef Josef

School is back in full swing, and I have been meaning to update all the latest and greatest things we have done in the last few weeks, but alas nothing too exciting has happened other than a couple of weddings, family reunions, camping and spending time in the mountains.

This past week was full of adjusting. Because I have been back to being crazy busy and have not had much time at home at all, and Joe has been on a quasi hiatus, he has been spending a lot of time in the kitchen. And I am not complaining. I have been in culinary heaven.
Some of the delights we have enjoyed: 
Homemade Baguettes- He has got this down to an art.

 Grapes and Bleu cheese, Boursin and Brie- Takes no talent but tastes amazing.

Grilled Chimichurri Chicken and Quinoa with arugula, tomatoes, garbanzo beans, feta, onions and mint.        
Homemade fennel ice cream (Don't judge. I did and was oh so wrong. Delicious) with grilled peaches and waffle cone.
Mahi Mahi Fish Tacos. He and I had been trying to perfect this forever, and he finally did it. 

 What am I going to do without my own personal chef around the house? I guess I have one more week to enjoy it.


Miriam D Padilla said...

this food brings tears to my eyes... If only because I ate cold tater tots for breakfast.

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