Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Oahu and Maui

Boring for the rest of you, but if you want to know anything about Hawaii read on.
  • Waimea Bay: It was one of my favorite beaches. We jumped off of the rock and all. We went into Haleiwa and got some amazing food and the original Matsumoto shaved ice. I could go for some right now.

    •  Polynesian Cultural Center and Laie. The drive up to Laie was to die for.  We ended up getting the Ambassador Package to the PCC. We were treated like a King and a Queen with private tours, lei donned our neck at every corner. We went to the luau (check out all the colorful food we ate!) and then the night show. Our tour guide was Pichet from Thailand. He was hillarious. Each island was such a unique experience. We loved the dancing and music, but nothing beat the Maoris and the Haka! We also got to go to the temple in Laie. It was gorgeous.  This was my favorite day in Oahu.

      • The Food:  Of course we ate a lot of good food. The things I happened to get a picture of... Our Mac Daddy Banana pancakes that were 14 ins wide ( seriously made us  both sick and we only could do about 1/4 of that between the 2 of us) and Yogurtland which I consider God's gift to man. We were there every night. The pinapple tart was amazing!  We did however eat some of the best Italian I have had in the States and great seafood of course.

        • Pearl Harbor: Glad we went but it was not a worthy tribute. We were sad most of it was under construction.

        • The Road to Hana:  Maui is Eden, and this really is the most beautiful drive ever. We hiked to falls and swam, drove through the rainforest and walked on black sand beaches. It was amazing.

        • Ziplining:  I insisted, and it was so worth it. It was a unique way to see the area of Haleakala in Maui.

        • Snorkeling: We did some of the best snorkeling right outside of our Hotel in Ka'anapali. There was a coral reef with hundreds of tropical fish. I got no shots, but these are some of the view from our room and the beach right outside our hotel.

        I cannot wait to go back!


        MegRich said...

        Oh what a glorious trip. Looks like you guys had a great time!

        Chad and Annie said...

        Your trip looks amazing! I loved all the pics especially the one of you on the beach, so pretty! I am glad you guys had a great time!!

        Vincent and Erin said...

        I'm glad you had fun but I sure missed you both! Sunday. Noon. Brad and Debbie's. World Cup. Be there. I want to hear all about your trip!

        Melissa said...

        Holy awesome! Your trip looks totally sweet, man. Those banana pancakes look fabulous. Miss you guys!

        Kristi said...

        I'm so jealous! You guys are such a cute couple and you look like you just belong in Hawaii.

        Miriam D Padilla said...

        HAHAHAHA. We have the same bathing suit. But it looks better on you. Next time, get something I don't have to directly compare, ok? Ok. Jealous enough already over here...

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