Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bad for my health?

I was reading an issue of Women's Health recently about the importance of getting a good nights rest. One of the main things was that there has to be a tranquil design to create a tranquil mood. They mentioned that it is important to use greys and blues in your decorating because it creates a peaceful atmosphere. Automatically my wheels are turning as to what I can redecorate in our apartment. I realized is this why I always feel tired? :

Then I came to my senses. No it may not be tranquil on the color scheme I have been advised, but I love my Jacobean print bedspread. Yes it is bright and colorful and no I have not lost sleep because of it. I guess I'll stick with it a while longer.


Shea McGee said...

I loveee your bedspread!

Miriam D Padilla said...

I love it too. And the whole sleep thing might come from having like 8 million things going on in your life more than it does from the red and yellow in your bedspread. Just a thought.

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