Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rodeo 2009

Joe and I had a really great weekend up in Farmington. We are getting used to the charming small town that it is. It has provided us with all sorts of opportunities, like going to the RODEO. Joe had never been. As we were sitting in the stands trying to figure out the rules, the woman in front of us turns around, and in a thick accent says "Where y'all from?" When we found out she was from NM herself I had to wonder about the accent, but apparently no matter where you are from, if it is a small town, you talk like that. Joe explained, "I am just figuring this all out. This is my first Rodeo..." She quickly responded "You've never been to a Rodeo!!? We joke about people like you."

It has kept us laughing all weekend.


Miriam D Padilla said...

I can attest to the fact that small towns in NM think they are texan. All the old school Clovis-ites sound like they are from Houston or something. And we joke about people like you too... But not 'cause of the rodeo thing. He he.

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